Our Team

Eric Nwaubani

Founder & Managing Principal

Daniel Gilepsie


Jason R. Hines

Of Counsel


Our expertise across a wide range of practice areas helps ensure that clients  reach their desired goals.

At LGIC, our attorneys have acquired several years of experience in various fields of law, giving us the perspective necessary to provide you with the guidance needed to help you make prudent decisions. We are strong advocates and skilled litigators. In addition, we bring considerable value to our clients in getting their matters resolved efficiently and effectively.

We handle national and cross- border transactions that often raise issues of foreign law, and sometimes require extensive discovery and service of process in other foreign jurisdictions. As business and regulations become increasingly global, our network of attorneys with many years of advocacy experience in various fields are particularly adept at understanding our clients legal needs and guiding them through every phase of their matter.

In every case, our attorneys dedicate all their efforts and resources to fighting for our clients’ rights. We pride ourselves in being extremely dedicated to making sure that our clients fully understand their matters, and we present various options which are most appropriate to them and deliver legal advice based on our extensive knowledge and experience.

Our overarching aim is to provide exceptional service to our clients. We charge reasonable fees for highest quality work. We also recognize that fee is a big concern to our clients, and in appropriate cases, we offer a sliding scale fee arrangement to our clients.

At LGIC,we make it a priority to be accessible to our clients whenever they need us.We ensure our clients’ needs are handled in a timely manner, including answering and returning phone calls, and providing update to our clients on their matters.

Our attorneys employ a highly efficient shared approach to every matter. Through our team-based method, every attorney in our network is always willing to contribute their legal skills to any matter, resulting in the highest quality legal services to our clients.

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