Business and Transactional Matters

Our firm's network of international attorneys works seamlessly to support  our clients’ cross-border transactions and litigation. LGIC business transactional lawyers represent individuals and entities engaged in business dealings in different parts of Sub-saharan Africa, including Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia.

Doing Business in the United States and Overseas
For non-US residents, doing business in the US can be somewhat challenging, but our experienced transactional attorneys will guide you through the regulatory requirements and compliance issues.

Transactions in Emerging  African Markets
Our network of attorneys includes those licensed to practice in different  African countries, and with a good understanding of the legal, regulatory, cultural and political landscape of the various jurisdictions.

With experience handling transactions in various sectors of sub-Saharan African emerging markets in telecommunications, energy, power, water, and agriculture, our business transaction lawyers can guide you through the complexities of operating in such markets.

Engage us to support your cross-border business transactions and litigation.

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