At LGIC, our contracts attorneys will provide guidance in almost every aspect of your business undertaking. First, we will seek to understand your interest and what you would like to achieve with each contract. Then, we will work with you to negotiate and prepare the relevant documents you will need for your business undertaking, including the terms of your proposed business and contractual obligations.

Our overarching goal is to see to it that your contracts advance your best long-term interests.

Contract Enforcement

Parties enter into contracts trusting that they can rely on their undertaking in structuring their business relationships. It is thus the enforceability that sustains the relationship because it reflects what was agreed upon and offers protection in the event of a dispute.

Our contracts attorneys can help you prepare your contracts and make provision for dispute resolution methods that suit the needs of the contracting parties. When there is a dispute such as a breach of contract, our Washington DC team of contracts lawyers will draw on their contracts experience, and deliver efficient and cost-effective legal services for you.


Whether you are planning to hire new employees or bring in co-founders or investors for your startup, we can help you draft, negotiate, and execute legally-enforceable agreements like co-founder agreement, investors agreement, business contract and independent contractor agreement.

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